Total Length: 34"
Total Weight: 8lbs
Handle Length: 30"
Face to Pick: 9.75"
Head Thickness: 1"


BADAXX, your new "go-to" tool.


The BADAXX tool has been designed to increase the efficiency of firefighters, law enforcement officers, tactical forces, and first responders to successfully perform their jobs.

This innovative tool allows its handlers to rapidly increase the speed at which they can force entry, perform demolition, operate water and gas shut-off valves, and safely rappel from elevated locations. The BADAXX tool has been designed to save the lives of those who save lives.

IMG_9084 copy.jpg

Our Story

The concept of the BADAXX tool was born from the obvious necessity of its existence. With the alarming rate of first responders being injured or killed due to ever-increasing rapid fire spread, we needed a way for first responders to safely avoid being trapped inside of or on the roof of buildings and homes being consumed by fire. Scott McCann, a veteran firefighter of 30 years, decided something had to change. In 2012, McCann started designing his tool and began making wood prototypes in his family garage. After a series of prototypes his tool has developed into a game-changing invention: the BADAXX tool. This product has been engineered and tested to be an extremely efficient tool for saving the lives of victims and rescuers alike.

Our Mission

The ongoing efforts of the BADAXX tool are aimed at lowering the amount of risk involved in first responders' efforts to save lives while also increasing the speed and efficiency at which they can successfully do their jobs. 

American Made

From the very beginning of the BADAXX tool, we insisted that it be made in America or we would not make it at all! We are committed to using local craftsmen and only American made materials. No question, no compromise, and no apologies!

The head of the BADAXX tool is created through the process of… investment casting, otherwise known as lost wax casting. We start with a die that has wax injected into it to form the shape of the head. The wax head is then coated with a series of porcelain layers to create a mold of the head. The mold is then heated to melt and remove the wax and is finally filled with molten 4150 tool steel. Once cooled down, the porcelain is removed and we have a finished head. 

Once we have the casting, the head is then hardened through the process of heat treating to create the strength and durability to withstand a lifetime of completing the toughest jobs in the harshest environments. 

The handle is precision machined from a solid blank of Aerospace tempered aluminum; this is the toughest alloy of aluminum and is the same grade used in manufacturing commercial aircraft. We have chosen this alloy to allow extreme strength while keeping the weight down. We then treat the handle with an anodized finish to get the color you want and prevent oxidation.

Finally the head and handle are pressed together and pinned with 5 steel spring pins to ensure a lifetime of dependable and durable use. No matter what job is put in its way, your BADAXX tool will never let you down.


As a lead fire-ground survival and rapid intervention instructor, I am always on the lookout for tools and equipment that make the job of the rescuing firefighter more efficient and effective.

...Our team of instructors put the Badaxx through the most demanding situations.

We used the Badaxx to ventilate, escape from the roof, a window and the basement. We also performed forcible entry, breaching, and breaking (including through brick), with the Badaxx and its performance was amazing. I started as a skeptic, but I am now a believer. This tool will save lives”

- Dave Killpack



The base of the BADAXX blade has been engineered to create an emergency anchor point for first responders who find themselves trapped above the ground floor of any structure. The anchor point can latch onto, or be driven into, most building materials. A safety rope can easily be attached to the hole provided at the end of the handle to allow you to rappel to safety. The BADAXX tool allows you to complete many challenging tasks while providing you peace of mind, knowing you have a rock solid anchor point anywhere, and anytime you need it.



Made from hardened 4150 tool steel, the 4.5” pick can quickly be driven into most materials, providing an immediate extra foot hold during emergency operations. We designed our pick to have a consistent width throughout its length. By not having the entire pick tapered like a wedge, we have avoided the wobbly, unstable foot hold most commonly found with the traditional pick head axe. To increase your safety we have added knurling to the top surface of the head to prevent your foot from slipping. With the tapered end and angle of the pick, we have designed it to be very efficient at overhaul while also allowing it to function as a fulcrum for prying and lifting.



The head of the BADAXX tool has been engineered to apply maximum impact force to the striking surface while the beveled edges force material away from the blade. The result is an effective method of breaking through material without the blade being pinched or jammed. This allows for the efficient completion of time-critical operations, while minimizing exertion, and preserving much needed energy. The face of the blade provides an effective striking surface when used with a Halligan style bar. The rectangular hole in the head is designed to receive a 2”-3” adz blade of a Halligan style bar. This design allows the handles to marry close together and can easily be grasped with one hand. The BADAXX tool and a Halligan style bar, affectionately known as the “irons”, are the perfect pair for any forcible entry job!



Precision machined from a solid piece of high strength aluminum for maximum durability and minimum weight. The BADAXX handle is ergonomically shaped for a more natural swing. The hole provided at the end of the handle allows you to easily attach a safety rope for rappelling and bailout operations. The cross hatch pattern along with the hooked finger grab prevents the axe from slipping from your grasp.


Additional Features:

The handle has been machined to include two styles of hydrant wrenches necessary to quickly open and close standard fire hydrants. The top surface of the head also includes a pocket that will operate a standard shutoff valve for both water and gas meters.

Testing and analysis conducted by Search & Destroy Training & Tools, LLC

I give it my highest reccomendations. This tool should give any user a lifetime of top performance.”
— Dan Raczykowski, President/COO Unifire & Advanced Tech Rescue
This tool will save lives”
— David Killpack, Training Chief, Fairchild Fire
Being from a smaller district we do not have the luxury of an endless budget. Each tool needs to perform multiple functions, be user friendly, and last, the Badaxx does all of these. This tool has endless options, is lightweight, and still strong enough for my guys to trust with their lives. The Badaxx definitely is one of my favorite tools. The best advice I can give you is “try one”.
— Ryan Power Training Captain Stevens County Fire District 3/Stevens County Tech Rescue
I have had the opportunity to see the Badaxx through its stages of development and at the same time get to know its designer and creator Scott McCann. I really can’t express how impressed I am with this new tool and what impact it will have in the Fire, Military and Law enforcement Fields but I will do my best! I have little doubt that once this tool gets in the hands of professional across the country it will become the new “standard” in the set of Irons or as an essential forcible entry/emergency escape tool. Scott took the time to think about and then adapt his design to suit a wide range of needs that are not currently met by other tool manufacturers. This tool works…….and it works really well!
— Brett Anderson Lieutenant Spokane County Fire District 10
I have been in the fire service since October of 1988. I started as a volunteer resident and have been career since July of 1996. Early in my career I settled on the venerable Halligan tool as my favorite go to tool. In the 26 years of my career I have seen many “innovative” tools come and go. From the cute to the ridiculous none seemed to hold a candle to the Halligan’s versatility. My engine company recently had the opportunity to try a prototype Badaxx. After an hour and a half of using it for everything from ventilation to forcible, from self-rescue to taking a hydrant to vehicle extrication, I believe, given the option of grabbing either a Badaxx or Halligan, I would now choose the Badaxx.
— Larry C. Bird, Firefighter


Why do so many old fashioned and antique implements last and last, even with continued use?  I believe it was because they were designed not to be disposable, like so many things in our world now.  They were fabricated by craftsman, who used the finest materials available to produce their long-lasting wares.

     It has been my goal to reintroduce these principles when I produce my wares.  Tried and true methods of construction are also important to me.  When sewing leather together I use the strongest known method, the hand sewn saddle stitch, used by leatherworkers and harness makers for the last several hundred years.   The saddle stitch is a slower method than the lockstitch produced by a sewing machine, but it is stronger.  When a single stitch is cut in the lockstitch, the whole seam will come apart on both sides.  If a single stitch of the saddle stitch is cut, it will not come apart because two threads are passed back and forth completely through each side.

     The saddle stitch, done correctly, starts by first cutting a groove into the leather, where the stitching will be laid.  This allows the thread to sit below the surface of the leather, protecting the stitching from surface abrasion.  Hand sewing also allows for the use of much stronger thread than a sewing machine.   My traditional diamond shaped holes for stitching are cut one at a time with each stich using a stitching awl.  They are also cut at an angle to the direction of the groove, maximizing the amount of material between each hole.  Straight holes cut end to end in the groove are like forming perforations in paper and weaken the seam.

     I use heavy duty 10-12 oz. brown harness leather and 8-10 oz. black latigo leather for my scabbards.  In the tanning process both leathers are impregnated with waxes and oils to help the leather withstand weather and repel water.  These leathers were specifically developed for the rigorous use of horse drawn transportation and farm work, in all types of weather.  It was also the leather of choice for many of the old firefighting accessories.

     Like the old craftsmen, I use real hand domed copper rivets to reinforce my hand sewn seams, but only at stress points.  I don’t have to use as many rivets, as other scabbards, because my seams are stronger.

     Lift-the Dot® fasteners are used to secure the scabbard flap.  These fasteners have been in use since before the 1900’s and have proven to be some of the most durable fasteners around.   They were good enough to hold the flaps closed on your Great Great Grandfather’s cartridge belt and other web gear, even before World War I and until as late as the Vietnam War.  Now they are good enough again to secure your BADAXX.  They are very secure and easily lifted and closed with one hand.  These won’t lose their strength like Velcro over time.  The outer sockets are also easily replaceable with common tools, if you have an accident or they get damaged.

     These scabbards are unique, in that the tool may be removed from the scabbard by grabbing the tool and lifting only about three inches, allowing the handle to be moved sideways and out of the scabbard for quick deployment.  Return of the tool to the scabbard is also a simple one handed movement.  I also offer the more classic envelope style that requires the entire tool and handle to be lifted out of the scabbard. 

     The axe belt is again fastened with real copper rivets.  The belt is skived around the buckle, just like they used to be in days gone by.  Skiving reduces the thickness of the leather where it bends sharply or three full thicknesses of leather are too much or would be uncomfortable.

     The scabbard and swivel is attached to the belt by the use of a frog.  This frog allows the belt to sit on your hips where it should be and the axe to sit below your SCBA waist strap.  I use my own custom fabricated swivel that is rotatable through a full 360 degrees.  It is also adjustable for friction, allowing the user to let their BADAXX to swing freely or apply enough friction to have it stay in whatever position you desire.  The swivel contains no ball bearings to get clogged with insulation or debris.

CAUTION our scabbard belts are NOT rated to be a rescue belt and should not be used to support more weight than the BADAXX!


Click here to view all of our custom Scabbards.

     My name is Ken Bush, owner of Smoke & Oakum Leatherworks.  I have been a professional firefighter, in Washington State, for the last sixteen years.  I have been making custom leather goods for the last 19 years.  I learned to sew out of necessity, while I was in the U.S. Navy, by mending my uniforms and changing insignia's after an occasional promotion.  There were no tailors to be found, while out at sea.

     I later developed an interest in muzzle loading firearms, which involved a number of leather accouterments.  Having sewn before, I enjoyed the challenge of making the leather articles myself.  Making them myself allowed me to make them exactly the way I wanted.  I began researching the techniques and materials used in order to make my items as authentic as possible.  Leather workers and harness makers were at their height of their profession a hundred years ago or more, so I figured, who better to study for sewing knowledge and technique, than the old craftsmen.

     The Fire Service has been using leather goods, to get the job done, for the last 200 years.  Several leather accessories still find themselves useful today.  I made a couple of these for my own enjoyment and use.  Other firefighters saw them and asked if I could make them one.  As time has gone by, my skills have refined and I've established a reputation for fabricating good looking, high quality, and long lasting leather goods.  I am pleased to now provide a high quality scabbard for The BADAXX.

     My scabbard is made in the same manner as things were a hundred years ago, by hand, using high quality materials.  I cut the leather pieces out by hand and sew them by hand using the saddle stitch, because it’s the strongest method.  My seams are reinforced by real copper rivets.  They are hammered and domed by hand, just like in the old days.  No cutting corners by using the cheap and easy double capped or tubular rivets.

     It is easy for me to stand out when you compare quality and attention to detail. I believe you will find my scabbard is worth the price.  I find nothing is "fireman-proof", but given proper care, this scabbard should last a lifetime.

CAUTION our scabbard belts are NOT rated to be a rescue belt and should not be used to support more weight than the BADAXX!

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